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The last 2D gaming system from Nintendo. With the same spirit as the original NES, but with all the 2000's computing advances. My favourite system.

My Brews

Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter screenshot

Tribute to NES Duck Hunt [source] [ROM]

Crazy Road

Crazy Road screenshot

Far away in the 80's, before videogames were mainstream, my favourite toy was this artifact: Tomy Racing Turbo. Let's make a GBA 'port' of it. WIP [source] [ROM]

Learn to Brew


Devkitpro install

  1. Download Devkitpro pacman deb package
  2. Install it
    apt install devkitpro-pacman.amd64.deb
    dkp-pacman -Sy
    dkp-pacman -Syu
    dkp-pacman -S gba-dev
  3. Add to /home/user/.bashrc the following lines
    export DEVKITPRO=/opt/devkitpro  
    export LIBTONC=${DEVKITPRO}/libtonc
    export DEVKITARM=${DEVKITPRO}/devkitARM
    export PATH=${DEVKITPRO}/tools/bin:$PATH
  4. Install emulators
    apt-get install higan
    apt-get install visualboyadvance


  1. Ray Tracer
  2. Cable Link


  1. Release: Japan 2001
  2. CPU: ARM7 RISC @ 16.78 MHz
  3. Resolution: 240x160 pixel (30x20 tiles)
  4. Palettes: 2 of 256 different 15-bit-colours. One for background. One for sprites
  5. Each palette can be divided into 16 sub-palettes of 16 colors
  6. Tiles of 8x8px
  7. Sprites: 128 sprites of 1x1 to 8x8 tiles
  8. 4 Backgrounds
  9. Regular background sizes: 32x32t (256x256px); 64x32t (512x256px); 32x64t (256x512px); 64x64t (512x512px)
  10. TILE 8x8@4bpp: 32bytes; 8 ints
  11. CHARBLOCK 512 tiles
  12. SE (screen entry) is 2bytes (16bit) (16 SE = 1 tile)
  13. 6 Charblock of 512 tiles. 4 for backgrounds (0-3). 2 for sprites (4-5)
  14. Each charblock is 16kb (4000h bytes). 512 s-tiles
  15. 8 screenblock into each charblock (64 tiles / 1024 SE in each screenblock)


  1. PocketGO
  2. revo-k101-plus
  3. retromini
  4. Pocket